Tonkatsu Taihou specializes in Tonkatsu – the Japanese specialty of breaded pork cutlet dishes.

Among the countless Tonkatsu restaurants across the nation, Tonkatsu Taihou is known for offering authentic taste at reasonable prices. And also Tonkatsu Taiho  is the one of ‘the big three’ Meguro Tonkatsu restaurants.


The succulent, juicy-pink, melt-in-your-mouth rōsu (loin) and hire (fillet) pork cutlets deep fried in light yet crunchy home-baked breadcrumbs are exceptional. For devotees and the gluttonous, premium ‘tokujō’ cuts of loin or fillet are divine. Both are best experienced as teishoku set meals complete with pickles, miso soup, rice, lemon and crispy-fresh shredded Miura cabbage.

rōsu (loin)

Tonkatsu Taihou leaves the west exit of Meguro Station and is on the way down Gonnosukezaka on Meguro Dori to the Meguro River. Is it about 5 minutes on foot from the station.

Please comea and stop by.